Below you'll find some of our favourite things to do, places to see, restaurants to try, tried and approved by us and listed in a random casuistic order... Oh and this page is a work in progress.         PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION

freights bay.jpeg

Roxy surf spot

Easy, clean waves with friends, family and the occasional turtle in the bluest water at 50 meters from Sundance, yes 50 meters ;-)

Silver Rock

Kite and windsurf

The Silver Sands area has probably some of the best kitesurf spots in the world. Steady trade winds, an unwavering swell and turquoise water will make your day

La cabane Barbados.jpeg

Sit back & relax 

Bohemian chic restaurant on the beach, looks like Tulum, tastes likes St-Tropez, smells like Canggu, sounds like Mykonos, feels like Barbados


Trail running

There are some very pretty trails to be run along the coast starting from (y)our house. Need advice, let is know but the beauty is in the finding (and in the wonderful nature you'll discover)  



Apes Hill and Barbados Golf Club are both world  famous and beauteous golf clubs... Ok we have to be honest here, we didn't try them yet but we will one day

Let's get physical

Dominique is one of the most famous and wanted ;-) fitness coaches on the island, get in touch with her and she'll give you the possibilities to get your heart and muscles toned